Choosing A Plumber in Ireland

Choosing A Plumber in Ireland

You want to choose a plumber who will save you costs of plumbing repairs, replacement or installation but you equally want to avoid shoddy services. If you are choosing a plumber for your needs as a beginner, you may like end up going for the cheapest, whereas, you may not get the desired professional service.

For this reason, you must avoid the mistakes other beginners like you are making by fortifying yourself with necessary information about a specific plumber, before making your final choices.

Choosing A Plumber in Ireland 5 Things To Know

1. Always Look for License

Above everything else, you must ask your potential plumber information about their licenses and professional registration. A plumbing license is more than a mere wall decoration, it is a confirmation that the plumber has the necessary skills and training to handle all kinds of plumbing services.

Licensed plumbers always give a guaranty on their services, hence they ca return to fix the issue if there is a problem, within the guaranty time limit. The first question you must ask a plumber is their license status.

2. Recommendations from Previous Clients

Aside from license status, it is important to be aware of recommendations on a plumber from previous clients. Pay attention to all negative comments and complaints, and how the plumber dealt with such complaints, this will give you an idea of how your plumber will deal with your situation.

Do not rely on recommendations on client recommendations on the plumber’s website, rather you should focus on word of mouth from people and other forums where the plumber’s name was mentioned. You may want to ask your friend, relative or colleague for an honest review on any plumber you are interested in using.

3. Availability of Emergency Services

Plumbing issues can spring up at any time of the day, hence it pays to use a plumber who offers emergency services only. Pipes often break in the middle of the weekend and during long holiday seasons and your preferred plumber must be able to carry out a thorough inspection on the plumbing system even before providing an emergency solution.

You may want to get in touch with an emergency plumbing service provider that will deploy the right plumber to your address to fix emergency issues before they become a major and expensive issue. Plumber Cork can help you to find the best plumber that will meet your needs.

4. Insurance Always Matters

Most homeowners are unaware of the importance of insurance cover in any plumbing service. You need to be sure that the liability for accidents completely falls on the plumber and not you, especially when there is a serious plumbing accident that leads to injuries or even death.

Someone has to pay if a plumber accidentally breaks the plumbing line and your house becomes flooded. If the plumber doesn’t have insurance then you may have to pay out of your pocket and probably sue take them to court. Everything you need to know about plumbers should be done upfront so that you can prevent any unnecessary surprise.

5. On-the-Job Experience

It is also important to know the on-the-job experience, in terms of several years the plumber has on fixing all kinds of plumbing issues. Pay attention to a plumber who has more years of experience in repairing your specific plumbing problem.

A plumber may be certified and possess the necessary license that legalizes them to work but years of fixing similar plumbing issues will make them more relevant to your plumbing needs. Though the price quote for such experience plumbers may be higher than those with lower or no experience, the quality of job you will get will be much higher.


Though there are lots of things you should know about a plumber, you will benefit a lot if you are aware of the five things highlighted above. The more you know about a plumber, the more likely you will avoid after-service issues.

Perhaps a guaranty on service provided should give you the peace of mind that the plumber will return if anything goes wrong with the job offered. It also pays to hire a dedicated plumber before an emergency plumbing issue arises, scheduling a plumbing maintenance service regularly will reduce costs of plumbing repairs.

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