To hire a plumber in Cork, Ireland successfully, you need some little research or save yourself some time by getting a recommendation from professionals who recommend the best plumbers for household and commercial plumbing needs. There are some steps you can take systematically to ensure that you get the right plumber for your specific type of plumbing service.

While some plumbing service providers offer the best installation services, some provide better replacement and repair services, hence you need to find a way to choose the most appropriate ones for your specific needs.

Here’s How to Hire A Plumber in Cork

Request for Quotes

You have probably done some research and have a list of plumbers in your area you wish to hire, then you become confused about how to choose just one out of the pack. The best possible way to do this is to request for quotes. Based on quotes received, you can make your final choice but you need to be wary of ridiculously cheap plumbers who will end up charging you extra after completing a plumbing service.

An accurate estimate on the work needing completion must not come with any hidden fees. You must also avoid plumbers who insist on cash payment only upfront, such plumbers are notorious for charging you little upfront and then add extra fees once the job is completed. Willing to save your time and money? Plumber Cork can help you the best to find a right plumber and there will be absolutely no fee for this consultation.

Ask for Their License

Getting a complete quote is not enough to hire a plumber in Cork, Ireland, you need to ask for the plumber’s license and registration. You might be surprised that some, plumbers are still operating with expired licenses, therefore, just because he has a license does not mean he is a professional, you must confirm the status of such license.

In addition to being licensed, the plumber must be registered with regional or national plumbing regulators or association.  A plumbing license is more than a mere wall decoration, it confirms the plumber’s ability to handle all manners of plumbing service.

Ask Your Friends and Acquaintances

One of the fastest ways to hire a plumber is to ask your friend, family, and colleagues who can recommend a professional service provider for your plumbing needs. Any plumber can say they do a good job but make sure you ask for referrals from the plumbers to be sure you are hiring the right person.

Your friends and family members will be able to tell you about the plumbers they avoided in the process of hiring, and you may want to follow in their footsteps.

Consider Doing Background Checks on the Plumber

You might have gotten recommendations on a specific plumber from your friends, family and even professional online services, it is important that you conduct your private background check before hiring that plumber for your plumbing needs.

A plumbing service provider that conducts a background check on its staffs can be trusted, however, some plumbing service providers do sponsor bogus claims and testimonies on their websites just to entice new clients. You may want to check out online review sites specifically dedicated to plumbing, to read reviews on the plumber in your local region.

Pay attention to the negative reviews and see how the plumber has dealt with such shortcomings. Pay attention also to the positive reviews such as promptness in arriving at the home and professional handling of the plumbing work to customer satisfaction.


Hiring a plumber may seem a daunting task but it is easier than you have imagined. If you can take your time to investigate your preferred plumber or get recommendations from professional service providers online, then you should be fine. In addition to the steps highlighted above for hiring plumbers, you need to consider issues such as insurance because someone has to be responsible financially when a plumbing service goes wrong.

If the plumber doesn’t have a comprehensive insurance cover then you may have to pay for damages to your home out of your pocket. If you eventually find the best plumber for your service needs, you may want to keep their contact for future needs and perhaps recommend them for others.

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